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Program Descriptions:

Crisis Intervention – For so many, when crisis arise is the time they search for God. Crisis intervention is the originating program that continues to meet the needs of teens and young adults facing an unplanned pregnancy or the infection of a sexually transmitted disease.   1 out of every 7 adolescents will face an unplanned pregnancy before the age of 19 and 1 out of every 4 teenagers will acquire a STI (sexually transmitted infection). These facts combined with the emotional and cognitive instability of the adolescent leads to a crisis situation that can result in panic, rash behavior, and additional harmful consequences. ChoiceOne’s proven counseling techniques reduce anxiety and restructure the crisis situation into manageable components in order to elicit clarity of thought and emotional stability all while showing Christ’s unconditional love. These techniques ensure an atmosphere that enables a young woman to be empowered to make positive decisions regarding her pregnancy and reduce the likelihood of the continued spread of disease. It is the perfect opportunity to share the saving knowledge of Jesus’ message of salvation!

Counseling – ChoiceOne offers relationship and family counseling for teens and young mothers. We believe that meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of a young mother ensures family unity and wellness.

Materials Program – ChoiceOne meets the needs of struggling young mothers by offering free diapers, formula, clothing, cribs, carseats, etc.

Free Pregnancy, STD/STI Testing & Treatment, & Ultrasound – Our medical partners and volunteer medical team make it possible to offer free and confidential Pregnancy Testing, STI Screening/Treatment, and Ultrasound services for women in their first trimester only. ChoiceOne’s crisis intervention has been complimented by the addition of STD/STI screening and treatment. What makes this program uniquely ChoiceOne’s is that ChoiceOne was the first in the nation to develop a psychological component of care that offers concrete ways to preserve and restore the emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness of an individual facing the devastation of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. ChoiceOne has clearly identified suicide as a risk for adolescents or emotionally fractured individuals facing a life threatening infection. Within its identification, ChoiceOne trains all volunteers on suicide assessment and intervention.

ChoiceOne continues to follow its incorporation purpose by offering the first training manual which describes a complete protocol of care for someone facing an unplanned pregnancy. Within said protocol are clear methods to effectively sharing the Gospel message. ChoiceOne continues to believe that a person can not experience a comprehensive and effective restoration without the healing of the body, mind, and soul and therefore, addresses all three components within their strategies of care.

The Let’s Talk about “It” Program- Let’s Talk About “It” is the preventative side of ChoiceOne which uses innovative and, interactive presentations that challenge students to make smart decisions regarding sexual experimentation. The program, in its entirety, has been created by the professional counseling team at ChoiceOne.

ChoiceOne’s creative team has been working hard to create material that engages students and meets the challenges they face in their journey towards, what they now call, “adulting”. Each presentation is based on one simple premise, “the more they engage, the more they learn!” Most of the presentations have the ability to add and remove material based upon the age, gender, and requests of the group. Games, brain teasers, and active role play are all techniques used to actively involve the students in the learning process of good decision-making. The program’s momentum allows participants to consider the material and drives them towards their own conclusions of responsible behavior. Participants are empowered to critically think and evaluate their current and future circumstances surrounding their decisions regarding relationships, dating, sex, alcohol, and drugs. They are challenged to peer into the future and make positive decisions to aid in a healthy lifestyle. ChoiceOne’s presenters are carefully selected and trained to be engaging and “real.” Each presenter is prepared to share their personal stories of life lessons that are moving and motivational. They share decisions they have made regarding risk behaviors and how those decisions have impacted their lives. We have been told that is one of the most powerful components of the program!

Because of the program’s success, it has become the most requested program within our serving community. In 2010, the program reached its all time high of 8,800 students within one year. Statewide, the team at ChoiceOne continues to train other agencies hoping to reach into their community schools with a fast paced, fun program that truly has impact.

The presentation consists of accurate and current information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Teen Pregnancy. All information is reviewed and updated on a semi-annual basis. Our team of medical professionals and counseling staff in cooperation with educators and the local board of health consistently collaborate on the information presented and offer the most up-to-date information possible.

Our speakers are extensively trained facilitators who involve the students in the presentation through the use of games and role-playing; encouraging a positive and safe environment to talk about sexual issues. The speakers are carefully selected young adults who reflect our targeted audience. We have found that teens learn best when a “mentorship” type of relationship is established and “older” young adults seem to be the catalyst for the best rapport. Each generation has its own take on sexual issues, and the benefit of “age compatibility” is an element of immediate connection.

The program’s success is concretely measured through pre and post program evaluations. Within that analysis, students and teachers repeatedly score ChoiceOne as the program with the most impact! Last year, our evaluations indicated that 97% of our participants said they gained a “greater knowledge and understanding of STDs as well as how to best protect themselves”. 95% said that the program would have a positive affect on their social and sexual risk behaviors by their ability to make good choices through the skills they had learned. As the program continues within schools year after year, our hope is to begin tracking long term results. As we explore this new form of tracking, our greatest concern in confidentiality and integrity in statistical analysis.

The program is offered 12 months a year and is free to all schools and youth groups. It is uniquely designed to help teenagers draw their own conclusion that sex is best and healthiest when postponed until they are in a mutually exclusive relationship such as marriage.

Post-Crisis Programs – We are committed to unconditional love and believe that there are many opportunities to share Christ’s message of love and salvation. Therefore, we are committed to offering unconditional love in post-abortion. ChoiceOne offers a Bible Study that helps young women explore their lives and decision before a merciful and forgiving God.

ChoiceOne continues its care to those served by offering a number of post-crisis programs that help train our clients in good decision making skills and create more stable individuals that will hopefully become more productive members of society. These programs are designed to act as agents of positive change within the family unit and to extend the time in which a client is exposed to Christ through the missionaries at ChoiceOne.

Sample programs include: Parenting Programs, Father Programs, Employment Training and Placement Programs, Renewed Abstinence Training, etc.

Father’s Program – ChoiceOne was the forerunner in developing a program geared to the “partners” who stick it out with their girlfriends. Male volunteers are professionally trained to offer mentorship to the young man facing his own crisis regarding an unplanned pregnancy. The guys who stick around are unique and we believe have a divine appointment with God when they arrive at ChoiceOne. We offer parenting skills, relationship/communication skills, and educational/vocational referrals.